The company cybermindvideo ltd. was founded in 1996 by Silvia and Arno Loewecke. Originally meant as an office for computergraphics in general the effective range focused to 3D-graphics and animation, visualization and teaching CINEMA 4D. This 

is the base to offer stunning, attractive pictures and movies to a wide range of customers. But cmv not only offers finished artwork. It also offers the know-how for the efficient use of CINEMA 4D by MAXON Computer Germany. Schools, universities, main-players in the industry trust in professional trainings for their employees and students as well as architects and engineers. Outside the german speaking part of Europe trainings are presented in english. You’ll find an overview about our services in the menus “Artwork” and “Services”.

Arno Loewecke

Born in 1960 in Berlin. Independently active since 1996 with 3D-graphics and animation. 3D-artist and trainer for CINEMA 4D. Between 1999 and 2004 I was leading trainer for C4D at the MAXON Computer headquarter. Further trainings were accomplished at: German TV-stations like ARD, Kabel1, Pro7, SAT1, KiKa. Industrial customers like Bosch-Siemens, BMW, AKG, Atelier WW, Lyceé Metiers des Arts, Model AG Switzerland and a huge number of architectural and engineering offices. Worldwide I was invited as trainer in Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Oslo, Helsinki, Riga and Istanbul. I am also lecturer at the college of further education North-West Switzerland, Basel in the subjects Architecture, Interior Decoration, Informatics and Timber Construction as well as at the cantonal school for technicians, Muttenz. Always and exclusivly teaching CINEMA 4D.